Forward Slash Story : Creative Pit Stop

This is me and my son Felix:


I think everyone has been exhausted at some point. And that’s fine, being exhausted doesn’t mean you are done, or that you can’t try again.  Being exhausted usually means you are giving your all, going far beyond the %100.  This is a dangerous moment though, you might not recognize being at this point, you may start thinking less of your own work, your own abilities, and definitely you will think you can’t do this anymore. ( I might start second guessing my decisions)



My presentation at GDC this year


And so after 5 years of working non stop, with IGDA Costa Rica, with my own game studio, taking care of the family. I was exahusted, I couldn’t write, I couldn’t read, eveything that I saw seemed to me like work, and even though I approached it as I usually do… I still felt… tired.  But then, while browsing through the wonderful internet  I stumbled on this page


It was very unexpected, because I try to be on top of everything happening here in Costa Rica. And this was happening again?? I didn’t know what it was, the description of the event was really vague. All I knew was that great story tellers were going to fly into my country, and I wanted in. A couple of months later, I got email from Christy and Lance, I was in!!

Fast forward to May, my dad dropped me in the middle of the night in this dark road in the middle of Nosara, that even for my 3rd world standards was “too dark”. And there they were, Christy, Lance and Trevor the first ones to greet me just received as if I was an old friend “Anything to drink sir? I make a killer passion fruit rum drink” said Trevor as I walked into the bar/restaurant that we were to hold as our stronghold for the next 3 days.


Deadpool was at the bar too

Deadpool was at the bar too


The next day [edit], of course this happened because [edit], I couldn’t stop thinking about it and still today I think about it! Then we had this [edit] and all of this [edit] on the trees, it was unreal. Therefore…




Now now, I know this seems very rude on my behalf, but trust me, the only way I could explain F/S is if you were there, I cried, I laughed, I slept, and didn’t sleep, I got a terrible hangover and in the end, I found myself. Like a Formula One racer, our creative spirit needs to take pit stop every once in a while, for some of my new friends it was about moving from the other side of the world to a small country in the middle of Latin America just to meet with other story tellers like them, for others it was realizing how similar we are to others, younger/older. Letting go from the limitations that we put in our minds, and being able to take that wild jump, or as I saw Grant doing, walking almost naked under the tropical rain (which is also one my favorite things in the world).

Anyway,  what I really want to say is, Christy, Lance, Trevor, Seth, Benham, Lucinda, James, Heidi, Matt, Christian, Grant, Lewis, Lisa, Louise, Luis, Mary, Michael, Sarah, Stefan, Karen, Byron and Anthea… Thank you for coming into my life, making it richer and more exciting, thanks for being part of my Forward Slash Story.


One my favorite pictures in the world

One my favorite pictures in the world

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